Restaurant Swinging Kitchen Doors


restaurant commercial kitchen doors


Paylon Restaurant Swinging Kitchen Doors are the top-notch choice for any interior doorway in an attractive looking establishment. Any restaurant building that sees heavy traffic from room to room will find our restaurant swinging kitchen doors increase efficiency. The fluidity is also significantly improved after the easy installation of Paylon swinging doors. Restaurant commercial swing doors are also ideal to reduce noise from then kitchen.

Restaurant Swinging Kitchen Door


Any establishment can run more quickly and effectively when the stops and starts that come from traditional doorways are eliminated and traffic flow increases. Paylon restaurant swinging kitchen doors will pay for themselves with their energy-efficient design and their ability to reduce air flow costs by completely isolating rooms. Paylon doors save time, money and energy and are a great addition to any commercial establishment.


Custom Built Kitchen Swinging Doors

You can custom build your commercial swinging door to complement your décor by selecting from our color chart. Window size and shape is also important when deciding on your kitchen swinging door not only for the ease of view but for the look you’re trying to achieve. Restaurant Swinging Kitchen Doors no longer have to be unattractive.

Adding color to your restaurant kitchen doors can add life to your establishment!



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