Commercial Loading Dock Doors


Commercial Loading Dock Door


As a supplier of commercial loading dock doors, Paylon can help get you the proper door for your application. Loading docks are typically about 90% fork truck traffic. When replacing or installing new construction commercial loading dock doors, you need to consider some of the following factors.

How many cycles per day will the doors be used and how fast is the traffic?
What are your door jamb dimensions?
What is the variation between inside and outside temperatures?

commercial loading-dock doors

Types of Loading Dock Doors

There are many different types of industrial swinging doors, which can be made from PVC or plastic, aluminum, vinyl, or stainless steel. Typically the lighter the door construction, the faster it can cycle. This type of door can also be classified as impact swinging doors. Make sure your purchase is based on what fits the application, and is built solid enough to withstand fork truck traffic.

Common Applications

  • Warehouse loading dock door
  • Large Freezer swinging door
  • Refrigeration Rooms swinging door
  • Merchandising store door
  • Shipping Yards
  • Factories
  • Manufacturing Facilities



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