Commercial Kitchen Swinging Doors




We know firsthand by building quality commercial kitchen swinging doors, providing excellent customer support, and on time deliveries is what makes us the preferred place for doing business. We select high-grade quality components to put into our commercial swinging doors.



Paylon Swinging Kitchen Doors

We have found that by using high-quality materials, we can build a door that is not only is strong and durable, but also looks great too! If you have a high traffic doorway, and are trying to contain heat, noise or maybe contaminants, then we have the answer for you.

Paylon commercial kitchen swinging doors are constructed of high gauge steel with whatever accessories are needed to meet your needs. We know that every application is a little bit different. If you’re trying to maintain privacy, we can also offer a door with smaller or no windows.

Impact Door Accessories

Making accommodations for special applications is not a problem at Paylon. We can outfit your kitchen door with extra heavy duty corrosion resistant hinges, raised kick plates, additional bumper guards, and a variation of window sizes to fit your privacy needs. We also have a variety of colors available to blend with your décor. The impact plates can come in either copper or brass or stainless steel.

Whether it is the stainless steel heavy duty hinges and springs, abrasion resistant panels, stainless steel impact plates, or age resistant door seals, we want you to be as proud of our product as we are.


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